All about The New 2024 HONDA Elysion eHEV

The New Honda Elysion e HEV SUV :

With the launch of the new 2024 Honda Elysion e:HEV, in addition to its already matured quality, in this review, we will see its most advanced, intelligent, and comfortable side. 

As for the price, it ranges from 279,800 to 331,800 yuan, aligning advanced technology configuration with the powerful e:HEV hybrid electric technology, offering users a suitable and pleasant experience.


The length, width, and height of the body are 4951mm * 1842mm * 1711mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2900mm. It not only provides ample seating space but also features a flexible and practical interior design, which is highly important.

Exterior Design:

Regarding the car's front end, the mature and powerful face of the 2024 Honda Elysion is particularly striking. The thick, broad engine cover and two prominent creases convey a sense of strength. The multi-faceted grille and interior multi-sign design create a more airy effect, while the horizontal trim above connects to the full high and low LED lights on both sides, highlighting the car's tension performance. The LED daytime running lights in the fog light area also add a stylish touch. The arched design below the license plate frame and the slightly slanted ventilation grille not only enhance visibility but also ensure effective heat dissipation. Yep

The sleek side of the Aili Shen 2024 exudes a business-like atmosphere. The thick, short nose provides a wide field of view, and the smoothly transferred A-column resembles silk, ensuring excellent aerodynamics. The slightly sliding roof adds a sporty visual width. The lower edges of the windows and side skirts are adorned with chrome strips, creating a modern and elegant atmosphere. The thick door handle not only looks fantastic but also brings a sense of ritual with the non-contact gesture sensing system, similar to the magic door PSD.

The tires are sized at 225/50 R18, and the multi-faceted wheels evoke a sense of déjà vu. With a length of 4951 * 1842 * 1711mm in length, width, and height, and a wheelbase of 2900mm, it qualifies as a medium-sized MPV.

The rear wing above the roof exudes essential sportsmanship. The 3D rear lights with black LED strips on both sides enhance recognition at night through internal turn signal flow. The rear strip is surrounded by reflective warning strips, and the upper trim and chrome trim in the middle of the rear door echo the car's front end. The exhaust features a hidden design that aligns with the car's positioning characteristics.


Upon entering the car, the 2024 Honda Elysion still retains Honda's intimacy, with a simple yet not simplistic design style that also conveys a strong sense of technology. The intuitive 7-inch colorful instrument cluster with digital dials. The three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel provides a firm grip, and the comprehensive touch buttons have clear and sensitive responses. The 10.1-inch touch-operated floating LCD screen features sensitive colors. With the "Honda Connect" smart system inside the car, it can also perform multimedia functions for voice control, air conditioning, and the phone. Additionally, the current wireless CarLife/mobile phone map drawing function enhances entertainment during the journey. The transmission relies on electronic button operation, saving space and ensuring comfortable operation.

Concerning the seats, the 2024 Honda Elysion uses leather/fabric or genuine leather seat wraps, which are softer and provide overall support and comfort. At the same time, except for the less-equipped models, other models are equipped with the main electric driver seat adjustment function as standard. The second-row seats are only equipped with electric adjustment in higher-end models and support front/back/backrest/shoulder/leg/left and right adjustments. The rear seats support a relative reclining shape and are equipped with front/rear central armrests and rear cup holders.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with airbags for front and rear passengers, front and rear side airbags, tire pressure warning, low-speed driving warning, driving mode switch, energy recovery system, automatic parking, hill start assist, rear parking radar, rearview image, blind spot image, dual-side electric sliding doors, keyless entry/one-button start, split electric sunroof, automatic air conditioning, and in-car PM2.5 filter.

In addition to the base configuration and above, the model is also equipped with lane departure warning, active braking, front collision warning, full-speed adaptive cruise control, L2 level driving assistance, lane keeping assist, lane centering, road traffic sign recognition, electric induction, remote start, wireless charging for front seat phones, etc.


In terms of power, the 2024 Honda Elysion adopts a hybrid design that runs on both gasoline and electricity. The gasoline engine is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that operates at a maximum power of 107 kW (146 hp) at 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 175 Nm at 3500 rpm. The engine relies on a front-mounted single motor with a maximum power of 135 kW (184 hp) and a maximum torque of 315 Nm. Thanks to the continuously variable E-CVT transmission, using the front-wheel-drive mode, the comprehensive WLTC fuel consumption is 6.17 liters per 100 kilometers.

The new car has been upgraded based on the intelligent interconnection system "Honda Connect" 3.0, adding new functions such as voice assistant car control and remote control for mobile phones to achieve maximum non-finger operation "move the mouth without doing anything." Furthermore, with the assistance of advanced safety sensing system Honda SENSING and 360° panoramic MVCS, it also solves various driving problems for consumers. At the same time, with the powerful e:HEV intelligent electric technology, the 2024 Honda Elysion will bring a more distinctive driving experience to most consumers. Despite the strong rise of new forces, Dongfeng Honda remains modest and steadfast, which may be what the older generation of traditional brands offers us. Is this medium-sized MPV model for the joint project your first choice? Share your answer in the comments section.

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