Highlights from the 76th Cannes International Film Festival (2023).

Honoring African Filmmaker and Hollywood Dominance: Highlights from the 76th Cannes International Film Festival.

Cannes International Film Festival 2023

The 76th edition of the Cannes International Film Festival in France has decided to honor an African filmmaker, Malian Souleymane Cissé, marking the first time in 18 years that such recognition has been bestowed. Additionally, Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2023, will also be honored, as well as the renowned American star Harrison Ford.

The festival management, located in the town of Cannes, approximately 150 kilometers from Paris, has announced its official selection of films for the 76th edition. The first stage includes approximately 32 films that have been deemed worthy by the festival's viewing committees. Despite the presence of Turkish, French, and Italian films, Hollywood productions have dominated the selections in terms of numbers.

From May 16 to May 27, the small town of Cannes is expected to be one of the busiest places in the world, as it hosts the world's oldest and most famous film festival, according to the International Federation of Producers.

The screens at Cannes not only showcase the filmmakers' ability to portray beauty on the big screen, but also serve as a platform for addressing important issues through film. Attendees eagerly anticipate films such as "Killers of the Flower Moon," "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny," and "Asteroid City" from esteemed filmmakers seeking to communicate significant messages to the world's elite.

Martin Scorsese returns:

The septuagenarian American director, Martin Scorsese, returns to present his film "Moon Flower Killers" after the success of "The Irishman," produced by Netflix. Despite his age, Scorsese revisits his favorite theme of the power dynamics between major gangs and American policymakers. "Moon Flower Killers" revolves around the mysterious murder of members of the Osage tribe in the 1920s, which leads to the death of a senior FBI official. Starring Robert De Niro, Scorsese's favorite actor, the film also includes Leonardo DiCaprio, bringing together the icons of old Hollywood from the 1970s to the present day.

From Turkey, director Nuri Bilgi Ceylan, a favorite of the festival, presents his new film "About Dry Grasses." The film delves deep into the details of a simple and clear issue, as a young man hopes to find work in Istanbul after completing his compulsory service period in a small village. After a long wait, he loses hope of escaping the dismal village life, but finds solace in his colleague Nurai, who helps him make the decision to stay.

In addition, the Cannes Film Festival viewing panels have selected Wes Anderson's "Asteroid City" from the United States. The film explores the discovery and observation of a small asteroid in space, which is disrupted by global events of epic proportions compared to the description of a potentially world-ending asteroid.

 "The Old Oak," "Io Capitano," "Indiana Jones and the Face of Destiny," and "May December": Diverse Films at Cannes Film Festival.

Renowned British director Ken Loach brings together cosmic and Syrian concerns in "The Old Oak." The film revolves around the future of the last remaining café in a village in northeast England, where people have left due to mine closures and sell homes at low prices, making it an attractive location for Syrian refugees.

Similarly, Senegalese concerns are depicted in the Italian-Belgian funded film "Io Capitano" by Matteo Garrot. The film tells the story of two young men who leave Dakar in search of a better future in Europe.

On the list of notable films is "Indiana Jones and the Face of Destiny," directed by James McGnold and starring Harrison Ford.

American director Todd Haynes presents "May December," a film that delves into the complexities of a romantic relationship between a couple that is severely tested twenty years later when an actress arrives to make a documentary about their past.

Michelle Yeoh to be Honored at Cannes with Women in Motion Award:

Renowned Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh will be presented with the prestigious Women in Motion award at the 76th Festival de Cannes in 2023, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the world of culture and the arts. The award, which was established in 2015, aims to highlight the creativity and achievements of women in these fields. Previous recipients of the award have included esteemed actresses such as Viola Davis, Jane Fonda, Gina Davis, Susan Sarandon, Isabel Hubert, and directors like Patty Jenkins and Jung Lee.

In addition to Yeoh, the festival's "Directors' Fortnight" program, which is one of its most prominent programs, will honor Malian filmmaker Souleymane Cissé. Cissé, a renowned African director with a career spanning over 50 years, will receive his award shield at the opening ceremony. His work has been showcased at Cannes six times, and he previously won the Jury Prize in 1987 for his film "Yelen".

The French Directors Guild, whose board of directors signed a letter explaining the reasons for Cissé's award, lauded his unique blend of poetry, politics, social criticism, and mythology, which is deeply rooted in the multicultural society of Mali while remaining open to the world's diversity. Previous recipients of this esteemed prize include legendary directors such as Martin Scorsese, Jane Campion, and Clint Eastwood.

Adding to the excitement, veteran actor Harrison Ford will be honored with a special tribute at Cannes, accompanied by a screening of his film "Indiana Jones and the Face of the Moon." The festival will also offer a retrospective of Ford's illustrious career, celebrating his iconic role as Indiana Jones in the beloved film series.