Riddick 4: Furya: The Return to Furya - A Journey of Action, Adventure, and Nostalgia


Riddick 4

Riddick 4: it's (really) official, Vin Diesel and David Twohy are back.

It has finally been confirmed: Vin Diesel and director David Twohy are leading the fourth installment in the Riddick series, titled "Riddick 4: Furya.

Since 2015, Vin Diesel has kept fans of the Riddick franchise dreaming of a new sequel, with a possible scenario still written by director David Twohy. With the upcoming end of the Fast & Furious saga, Diesel needs to find a new project, a new franchise, to secure his future.

Thus, returning to the character that made him a popular action movie star with "Pitch Black" in 2000 seems like the best option. Although the sequels faced challenges in finding their audience (the failure of "The Chronicles of Riddick" and the lukewarm reception of "Riddick"), the potential for a rich and intriguing Furian extended universe is promising on paper. This was acknowledged by David Twohy himself in an official statement following the announcement of the preparation of "Riddick: Furya" by Deadline.

"For years, our legion of fans have been eagerly asking for this, and now we are proud to fulfill their request with Riddick: Furya. My 20-year partnership with Vin and One Race has resulted in the creation of a multitude of works, including three films, two video games, one animated production, and a web-based animated comic book. With this new big screen event, we will have the chance to delve into Riddick's origin story by returning to his homeworld."

"Riddick 4: Furya promises to be an exciting and action-packed installment in the Riddick franchise. The film will follow Riddick's journey as he returns to his birthplace, Furya, which he only has hazy memories of and fears may have been destroyed by the Necromongers. Upon arrival, he discovers a group of Furians who are battling a formidable new enemy.

In addition to Vin Diesel and David Twohy, the film will also feature the return of Samantha Vincent as producer. Vincent has previously produced the third Riddick film, as well as several other successful films in collaboration with Vin Diesel, including xXx: Reactivated, The Last Witch Hunter, and several Fast & Furious sequels.

"As we eagerly await more information about Riddick 4: Furya, it's important to note that Vin Diesel has a full plate in the upcoming months. This year, fans can catch him in two highly-anticipated films: Fast X, the latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise, set to release on May 17, 2023, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2023. Both films are sure to be exciting and entertaining, and showcase Vin Diesel's versatility as an actor."