Emancipation (film,2022)

 Review and Synopsis: Emancipation 2022 : 

Emancipation (film,2022) review

"Emancipation 2022"  is an action thriller filmed in the United States during the time of slavery. The story is about a runaway slave, played by Ben Foster, who bravely wanders the treacherous swamps of Louisiana on a perilous journey to escape the ruthless plantation owners who nearly kill him. Directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Escape Artists, Apple TV+ and CAA Media Finance, this movie is sure to be a poignant and emotional journey. Will Smith and Charmaine Bengoa also star in this version.


The glorious story of Peter, a man who escapes slavery through his intelligence, unwavering faith, and love for his family. Between relentless hunters on his tail and the treacherous swamps of Louisiana, he sets out to conquer his freedom.

Gordon was a slave in the antebellum South. He was born into slavery and grew up on a large cotton plantation, working from sunrise to sunset alongside other enslaved individuals. Despite the harsh conditions and constant abuse he suffered, Gordon never lost hope for freedom. He kept a dream alive in his heart that one day he would escape the bonds of slavery and be able to live his life as a free man.

Gordon was known for his strong work ethic and determination. He worked tirelessly in the fields, always pushing himself to do more. Despite the constant beatings and punishment he received, Gordon never let his spirits be broken. He knew that his hard work and perseverance would one day pay off.

One day, Gordon heard rumors of the Underground Railroad, a secret network of abolitionists who helped enslaved individuals escape to freedom. He knew that this was his chance to finally be free. He made a plan to escape and put it into action.

Gordon managed to escape the plantation and made his way to the nearest safe house on the Underground Railroad. He was welcomed with open arms and given food, shelter, and a new identity. From there, Gordon traveled on to the next safe house, and then the next, until he finally reached the North and freedom.

Gordon's journey to freedom was filled with danger and hardship, but he never gave up. His strong will and determination helped him overcome the obstacles in his path and finally achieve the freedom he had always dreamed of. Despite the hardships he faced, Gordon never lost hope and his story is an inspiration for all those who fight for freedom and justice.


The highly-anticipated film produced by Apple TV about slavery starring Will Smith after his well-deserved first Oscar for "The Williams Method" and following the controversy of the slap at the ceremony that same night was finally released. Let's set aside the sterile debate about the actor's act, it's not cinema but rather emptiness, as our dear media likes to endlessly repeat. 

Unfortunately for the actor, there will be before and after and his ban from the ceremony cuts short many potential rewards for "Emancipation." But would this feature film have had a place at the prestigious ceremony without this affair? The answer is clearly no, or very unlikely, except perhaps in the best actor category. 

Attention, it's not bad or even bad but it doesn't meet the standards of the Academy and the film suffers from too many small defects that prevent it from reaching the heights.

As stated earlier, perhaps Will Smith would have been nominated again because his composition is good once more but this year there is better and more impressive competition (Brendan Fraser in "The Whale" to name one). One can also note the chilling performance of Ben Foster who always excels in villainous roles but far from any caricature (a monologue by him briefly but brilliantly explains the behavior and actions of his character).

 On the other hand, it is impossible not to mention the strange choice of Antoine Fuqua to desaturate the image so much as to almost make it black and white. This gives it a rare and unique aspect but one cannot really say that it is beautiful and that it fits the story. In short, this aesthetic choice has no real logic and proves hazardous. 

At the limit, a total black and white would have been preferable but for this film, one maintains that color would have been necessary to make its images wider and more beautiful. Not everyone can be Steven Spielberg of "Schindler's List" .

"Emancipation" suffers more from a script that is far too basic and linear to convince. We ultimately have a banal manhunt throughout with a little war film at the end. A sequence, by the way, very impressive in terms of direction and scale but that loses its splendor because of the choice of photography that does not put it at all in value.

 As for the slave and bounty hunter chase, it is captivating and engaging but lacks depth. We are far from the great film about slavery as has been "12 Years a Slave" recently. The theme itself is skimmed over in terms of ideas and serves as a pretext for this spectacular and well-made manhunt but that does not truly honor its delicate subject. 

It is unfortunate that the film does not go deeper into the theme of slavery and the consequences it has on the lives of those affected. Overall, "Emancipation" is a decent film with good performances but it falls short of being a great film on the subject of slavery.