"Jung_E (Thriller, 2023).


The movie Jung_E is a visually striking science fiction film that falls short in its storytelling and character development. The use of special effects and futuristic elements fail to conceal a lack of originality and imagination in the story. The pacing is slow and the characters lack depth and complexity. Although it has an exciting climax, it is not enough to make up for the shortcomings of the rest of the film.


The story is set in a dystopian world where a scientist aims to clone her mother's brain and create a powerful android in order to win a ongoing national war that began after Earth was flooded. Her mother, a courageous warrior, had died in battle. The story, called Jung_E, presents a thrilling universe filled with counterfeit intelligences and intense military conflicts, a true science fiction world with advanced technology, rebellious robots and desperate humans.


The chief's role in "Last Train to Busan" received critical acclaim, but he eventually abandoned his chaotic and erratic behavior. In 2023, the South Korean film producer release the highly unstable sci-fi thriller "Jung_E" on Netflix.

Sang-ho Yeon's work deals with political themes, as seen in his previous films. In this particular film, the wealthy are able to duplicate deceased people and extend their own lives, while the less fortunate are turned into android slaves. This highlights the cruelty of a capitalist system that exploits the most vulnerable with precision and sharpness, even if it does not present itself in such a direct manner, particularly with extensive intellectual discourse.

The movie focuses on a small mechanical technology research facility in a post-apocalyptic universe, rather than the larger societal issues of the world. The trailer and main action sequence suggest that the story will center on the struggles of young researchers trapped in this facility, rather than the broader implications of the setting. This narrow focus detracts from the potential depth of the story.

The movie producer doesn't make much effort to conceal that the most memorable scene in the film, which is also the only action scene in an hour of the movie, is a reenactment. Whether intentional or not, it becomes clear that the film that was promised doesn't actually exist and is only a virtual representation. As a result, the story lacks meaningful stakes and is at best erratic, with a protagonist whose goal is unclear and at worst, predictable and unsatisfying. The underlying foundations of the story are weak and fail to engage the viewer. Additionally, the film's use of sci-fi buzzwords does not make up for the lack of depth in the interactions between the villainous boss and the researchers who constantly reference screens to appear intelligent.

The world of Jung_E feels uninspired due to the familiar elements present in the film, from standard military robots to generic futuristic settings. Aside from a large robot dog on wheels, there is nothing truly original or imaginative in the film. Yeon Sang-Ho does not explore the implications or possibilities of the science fiction elements used in the film, resulting in a shallow and unengaging B-series movie that fails to capture the viewer's interest or imagination.

Jung_E has a visually striking, but ultimately deceptive side, built on the use of poorly executed special effects, such as uneven compositing, plastic-looking CGI, and clunky computer-generated movements. These technical flaws create a significant barrier between the viewer and the film, making it difficult to engage with the story even for someone accustomed to advanced computer-generated visual effects.

The technical flaws of Jung_E create a barrier that makes it hard for the audience to engage with the story, especially when it relies heavily on poorly executed special effects and developments that lack any basis in reality. This hinders the pacing of the film, making it feel slow and static, and obscuring the overall story.

The protagonist, Hyun, is a fascinating and capable character with solid stakes, but she remains detached from the story for most of the film. Similarly, the character of Chief Sang-Hoon is a powerful role model who develops into a complex individual, but his issues are not fully explored. The stakes in the film are constantly shifting and lack focus, leaving the characters feeling trapped in a convoluted and illogical story.

Despite the initial challenges in character development, the film eventually manages to create a somewhat emotional connection to the characters, particularly as Hyun's character begins to emerge from her apathy. The characters begin to drive the narrative forward and the climax becomes more intense, both for the characters and the audience. The film includes exciting action scenes with robots fighting and trains exploding, all of which are executed with slow and carefully choreographed movements. In the end, it provides a satisfying payoff, and the viewer finally sees the filmmaker's ambition come to fruition.

Although the final act of the film still falls short of being entirely successful, it does manage to redeem the film somewhat and deliver on the promise of an action-packed experience, which is what the audience came to see.